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Find: People, Sports & Locations.

Connect: People playing now or create/join a group for later.

Play: The ultimate goal. Popular Songs Chord

How It Works

What is it that Tribez actually does?

People - Tribez helps you find casual, social sports players. With different skills, ranging from Michael Jordan to Suzan who claims she went pro.

Sports - Tribez includes all sports from basketball to badminton (if that's even a real sport)

Locations - Tribez lists all indoor and outdoor venues, stadiums and fields where you can play. If we missed one, tell us.

Tribez is connecting social sports players in a way never done before. Connect with people you may already play with or meet an entirely new group.

Hotspots puts you on the court / field / pitch with people playing right now.

Tribez matchmaking system allows you to join scheduled social sports event, our algorithms even factor in skill level and improves in accuracy each time you play.

The ultimate goal.


Tribez. As cool as the other side of the pillow.

Tribez - Find. Connect. Play.

This feature gives you access to trending sports hotspots happening right now. For example: Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck and Scooby Doo are playing soccer at Central Park.

Player Matchmaking

Tribez Player Matchmaking pools you with relatively skilled players. Ranging from Michael Jordan to Susan, who says she use to be All Sate.

Venue Booking

Find your venue, check their live availability and book it. Payment functionality all built in.

Player Profile

Each Tribez user has a personalised profile, where you can list your favorite sport (Badminton isn't a real sport), the players home court / stadium, favourite team and much more. Your profile will also track, which sports you've played, which venues you`ve played at. Your player rating. If you competed in any Tribez competitions.

Tribez are also working with competition based sports organisations to feed in your own personal user data, for example within Basketball your profile could include which basketball competitions you've played, your average points per game, rebounds and assists etc etc for a season.

*Users can choose to share or hide their profile information

*Your profile data feeds into the Player Matchmaking system





Venues Onboard


Village Talk

We're currently actively developing Tribez and post regular updates about our progress both here and via our newsletter.

Promo Video - Behind the Scenes

This month, we filmed the Tribez promo video, it's coming soon. Here's some snaps from behind the scenes on filming

PCYC join Tribez

PCYC NSW have partnered up with Tribez to increase accessibility to their events and club services via our mobile app.
This includes state wide coverage of their 64 clubs, with exciting activities such as rock climbing and laser tag.
You can also become a PCYC member directly through the app.

Friend system built into Alpha

We've built out a basic friends sytem where you can find your friends profile by the search function and add them,
allowing for chat and joint matchmaking.